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Connected PULLBERG GROUP B.V. is holding Company with headquarter in Netherlands and its representative office in United Arab Emirates. The company is a global concern with an ever expanding global footprint. PULLBERG GROUP B.V. has established a presence in the world of commodities a dynamic company poised to be an industry leader and standard bearer not only in the private crude oil business but in the business of global trade, commerce and the various ancillary markets that impact the purchase and sell of goods, services and/or commodities worldwide. PULLBERG GROUP B.V. has joint venture partners and affiliates to maximize its extensive business relationships and translates those relationships into bankable revenue streams that ultimately result in impressive as well as lucrative returns.

PULLBERG GROUP B.V. is customer focused and with our strategic partners we bring local expertise to commercial activity, serving clients in Europe, the Middle East, on the African continent, Asean and in the Far East.

Official dealer Middle East and Caucasus

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Official dealer Middle East and Caucasus

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