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Gasodor® S-Free

Gasodor® S-Free: Sulphur free odorant

Gasodor® S-Free has been tried and tested for many years.

It is cost-effective and simply better for our climate!

Naturally sulphur-free!
pipeline Gasodor® S-Free is the optimal odorant for gas suppliers committed to sustainability - both with regard to odour perception by gas consumers in the event of a leak and in terms of environmental and climate protection. At the same time, Gasodor® S-Free offers you an efficient odorant with a wide range of applications, making it cost-efficient.

As a gas supply company or gas network operator, are you prepared to convert to a modern odorant? Take these essential factors into consideration when purchasing our odorant.

Clear gas warning odour - certified by DVGW and compliant with DIN and ISO 13734
The odorant Gasodor® S-Free is associated with natural gas due to its characteristic, technically unpleasant warning odour. This has been demonstrated both by studies conducted by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, DVGW for short, and by many years of practical use in gas supply. And - what is also important - Gasodor® S-Free differs from all known everyday smells. It means that it is impossible not to mistake it and ensures that the smell is immediately perceived as an alarm signal. Gasodor® S-Free is the world's first odorant certified by the DVGW and complies with DIN. It also uses no sulphur at all. Go here for more information

Sulphur-free - Benefits the environment and the climate
Sulphur-free gas odorants, such as Gasodor® S-Free, also reduce emissions of sulphur dioxide which is produced when natural gas and sulphur-containing odorant gases are combusted. This makes Gasodor® S-Free better for our climate and it is also more environmentally friendly than odorants containing sulphur, such as tetrahydrothiophene, THT for short, or mercaptans, for example tert-butylmercaptan, also known as TBM.

Low odourisation costs and high efficiency
It is also economically worthwhile to use Gasodor® S-Free: Low odorant loss, high stability in gas pipes, suitability for use in all existing odorization systems. Lower odorization costs due to excellent solubility and mixability ensure attractive potential savings and also offer high economic efficiency for gas supply companies.

For more information please visit www.gasodor-s-free.com

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