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cooperation PULLBERG GROUP B.V. is a dynamic company with a number of specialized subdivisions. The company is comprised of a diverse team of professionals with a long history in international trade and international finance within the global marketplace. Our teams have been involved in selling of various commodities from one end of the globe to the other.

In PULLBERG, we understand the importance of client relationships, confidentiality and the absolute need for discretion. It is the very reason why our clients trust and depend on the firm and why repeat business, referrals and a stellar reputation have aided in its exponential growth.

PULLBERG GROUP B.V. predicates in an increasingly broad range of business ventures which are operated through several business segments mainly focused on:
  • Gasodor® S-Free: Sulphur free odorant
  • Corossion control & cathodic protection
  • Bitumen
  • Oil & petrochemicals

PULLBERG GROUP B.V. is always on the lookout to expand its range of products and services to cater for an increasingly demanding clientele, requiring efficient, energy innovative and economically competitive products.
Our strength lies in our resourcefulness and capability to make optimum use of our network for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Official dealer Middle East and Caucasus

Our PullCoat brand

Official dealer Middle East and Caucasus

Official dealer Gasodor PullCoat Preferred partner