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Oil & Petrochemicals

We value that we live in a Global marketplace and they possess the business expertise necessary to excel in such an ever evolving landscape. We strive to establish strategic alliances and have an unwavering commitment to detail. Our goal is to further distinguish ourselves as highly respected professionals within the international petroleum business. Along the way, PULLBERG GROUP B.V. has utilized these extensive skills and subsequently garnered a well deserved reputation as savvy business negotiators and transactional specialists, that have parlayed our skill base into the purchase and sell of other commodities in addition to petroleum based products.

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Oil & related petroleum products:
Crude oil is feedstock for just about everything under the sun. When crude oil is refined, its various chemical parts are separated and some become gasoline, some lubricants, some asphalt, and others the raw materials for plastics and rubber and many more things.

Examples of what can be obtained from petroleum (crude oil, natural gas, and/or viscous or solid forms):

  • Fuels - like gasoline, diesel, propane (many people use propane to heat their homes), heating oil
  • Heavy bottoms - like asphalt, bitumen, tar
  • Petrochemicals - used as a feedstock for many everyday products (plastic)
Have a look at how the Association of petrochemicals producers in Europe (APPE) visualizes the production process with an interactive flowchart, tracing the steps that turn crude oil into petrochemicals and petrochemicals into everyday products!

Pullberg's predominant activity in this market sector is the sourcing and supply of CRUDE OIL, LPG, Other petroleum products such: Jet Fuel, Gasoil, Mazut ...

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